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Hair Patch in Gurgaon

Hair patch in Gurgaon- PHC Hair ClinicHair patch or Hair Silicon System was a petite extent category of hair wig which affixes accurately simply hair loss region which put together 100% natural outcome compare to old manufactured full-size hair wigs. If an individual was smarmy baldness in that case full head size hair wigs are work.

Divergent procedure to attach Hair Patch or hairpieces

Hair Patch in Gurgaon

Temporary hair patch system:- In that hair silicon system, we put wig clips on the front back left & right centre portion of hair silicon patch which fix on the cranium with the assistance of these hair system clips but you put it out whenever you go for sleep or take bath.

Permanent Hair Patch Fixing Treatment:- In that procedure, we at first determine the particular hair loss or thinning hair region than with the assistance of silicon bond we affix the hair patch on the skull by which patient can do all activities like washing, play sports etc without removing it.

Advantages of Hair Patch or hair systems:-

  • Handy in male along female patients
  • Accessible at any stage of hair loss
  • Mutually alternative Temporary along with Permanent is obtainable
  • Thoroughly usual outcome
  • Skin friendly international standard Soft silicon adhesive put together
  • Particular day development
  • Accomplish each and every customary action possible
  • Harmless and sound
  • Low Cost (first and foremost)
  • Immediate conclusion course of action
  • Devoid of surgical programme of execution
  • Formulate any hair design
  • Consume ordinary hair garnishing akin to cleanse, oil non-sticky etc
  • 100% assured conclusion
  • No chance of vulnerability
  • Able-bodied qualified hair doctors squad
  • Veteran nonsurgical hair patch fixing connoisseur team

Disadvantages of Hair Patch:-

  • Not permanent solution to baldness
  • Have inadequate life of hair patch after that period you have purchased new hair patch
  • Have to visit hair patch fixing center frequently
  • If a person wants to save time consumption in service he/she have to take two hair patches
  • Accessible only branded hair accessories
  • Always take care your look