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Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Gurgaon

Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Gurgaon - PHC Hair ClinicIn Nonsurgical hair restoration we at first measure the precise region of baldness or thinning hair loss area then patient abundance the hair replacement silicon system or hair patch we affix on the cranium of hair loss with the assistance of silicon bond to not only conceal baldness but also grab your look once again within few hour procedures.
That procedure not only associate with Men’s but mostly Women’s also opt this technique not only to hide thinning hair loss but to grab new hairstyle or lengthening hairs along volume.
Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Noida, Gurgaon was a way out to replace thinning hairs with healthy supplementary natural human hairs.
“Any peripheral hair silicon system in which natural human hairs are woven already affix on the head with the cranium to conceal baldness also offer full dense hairs with desired hair length & Density.” 

Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Gurgaon

Facts to know about Non-Surgical Hair Replacement?

  • Acceptable in Male as well as Female hair loss suffers.
  • Awfully good option for those patients who are in the latent stage of baldness.
  • Patients who do not achieve desired density by Surgical hair transplant process.
  • Those who have insufficient donor site of follicles.
  • That individual who do not covet to plump for surgery
  • Low cost than FUE Hair restoration

Advantages of Non-Surgical Hair Replacement:-

  • Low Cost (to begin with)
  • No surgery engage
  • Trouble free
  • Not as much of continuance
  • Can be performed permanently or temporary
  • Adequate in both male along the female
  • Handy in any stage of hair loss
  • Few spans of time procedure
  • Dig up whichever hairdo along thickness or volume
  • Accomplished to be executed by doctors or Non-Medical professional hair technicians
  • Experienced hairstylist
  • Well trained hair consultant
  • Prosperous infrastructure

Disadvantages of Non-Surgical hair Replacement:-

  • Pursue service frequently
  • Used branded hair accessories
  • Some individual face itching problem
  • Always conscious of your look
  • The requisite color on additional hairs to match up both precisely
  • Hairdo only do by professional hair expert
  • Two hair systems always take save time in service