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Hair Extensions in Delhi

Hair Extensions in Delhi - PHC Hair ClinicHair Extension is a direct non-surgical procedure to enlarge hair length of individual one’s hair integrated with additional human Re my or Synthetic hair to bestow hair look along volume as you desire.

Hair Extensions can be executed through numerous class like Netting, pinch braiding, fusion method, sealing extensions, direct silicon bonding, Permanent Keratin fusion, Micro-loop or ring, Tape-In temporary hair extension, Clip-On or Clip-In hair extensions, Colored hair extensions and Lace front is only best way out to conceal thinning hair of female but all above extension categories to get hair length and volume.

There are principally two diverse techniques to perform hair extensions:-

Hair Extensions in DelhiPermanent Hair Extensions 

It can be performed through:-

  • Keratin Fusion extensions:- it is the latest best technique to offer 100% natural appearance, thoroughly comfortable in use along lady can perform all normal activities like bath, shampooing, spa, smoothening, coloring etc. It can be act upon by hair professional which takes single strand one by one strand of shoelace fusion keratin glue in build hair extension which affix on the scalp by melt these keratin fusion through hot glue gun and append on the scalp exactly place to bestow natural appearance along comfort was main advantage of this extension within few hour procedure fix permanently for few months as per growth cycle of individual.
  • Micro Loop or Bead or Ring hair extension: – That is also the permanent class of extension family in which we also take the single stand of shoelace aluminum loop or nanoring with the assistance of special plug apparatus by pressing it to affix on the head for few months as per hair growth cycle of an individual. Main Advantage of nanoring that it is very less in size and zero percent chance of damage to natural existing hair of female client.
  • Braided hair weaving extensions: – That is oldest & mother of all techniques in permanent hair extensions procedures, in this procedure we connect ponytail natural combination lock on the periphery on natural hairs then through tree braided already made on additional human natural Remy hair extension which has 100% ventilation facilitate use permanently for longer duration than any other hair extension technique but main side-effect or disadvantage of sew-in weaving it creates traction after some span of time period and not much comfortable like keratin fusion or micro-bead hair extension.

Temporary Hair Extensions:-

  • Clip-On or Clip-In Hair Extensions: – It is the detectable system in which whenever woman wishes to set it or lay down when she wishes. Main Advantages of Clip-on extensions are maximum durability, low cost and not formulate harm on natural existing hairs.
  • Tape-in Hair Extension: – It is the semi-permanent way to attach extension for a week after that period you simply change the silicon tape in an easy way and you don’t have to put it regularly.

Natural Human Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic/ Artificial nylon Hair Extensions:-Hair Extension Services

  • Natural Human hairs are employed to made hair extensions have numerous advantages like you can treat similar to natural hair like you can color them, shampoo, conditioner, serum or oil, spray gel, employed dryer to formulate any hairstyle etc. You can take Low-Cost Virgin natural human hair or High price Remy natural human hair like single drawn/Double drew/ triple chemical treated hair as per your financial budget.
  • Artificial or Synthetic nylon fiber made Hair: – These are the cheapest charge, online deals accessible, accessible in numerous color shades and disadvantages like very less life, not do any work on beauty parlor or salon, fixed style and very much shiny than natural human hair extensions.

Colored Hair Extensions or Hair volumizers are very much in trend in hair extension parlor or salon which can be employed through clip-on or permanent hair extensions procedures.

PHC is the best planet for all kind of hair extensions in Delhi Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ghaziabad. We have an expert team and give an ultimate look to the patients whom they are suffering from hair diseases. We have hair extensions facility for women and men in Delhi NCR Noida Gurgaon Faridabad. We are dealing with both type of HairExtensions like Clip in Hair Extensions and Clip on Hair Extensions in Delhi/NCR. This is completely safe and 100% assured results. Everybody can get the look with hair extensions in the single sitting or same day. If you concerned for your hairs, consult with us.