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Hair Bonding in Gurgaon

Hair Bonding in Gurgaon - PHC Hair Clinic

Hair Bonding was the non-surgical course of procedure in which hair expert apply silicon soft bond on the periphery of the cranium append with hair patch or hair replacement silicon system in which natural human is my hairs are already woven exactly match up both & formulate a hairstyle with totally natural appearance along aspiration volume within few hour procedures. In Hair Silicon Bonding in Noida, Medically approved soft glue exploit restrain of super glue adhesive with cyanoacrylate which thwarts spoil natural existing hairs.

Hair Bonding in Gurgaon

Facts about Hair Bonding:-

  • Accessible for both men and women who are suffering from thinning or hair loss problem
  • Temporary & Permanent both options are available
  • 100% Natural human well chemical treated are brought into play
  • Medically approved Soft silicon glue makes use
  • Single day sitting process
  • Do all normal activities with it
  • Safe & secure
  • Require frequent maintenance

Advantages of Hair Bonding:-

  • Low Price (primarily)
  • Instantaneous outcome procedure
  • Non-surgical itinerary of accomplishment
  • Grab new look
  • Utilized normal hair accessories like shampoo, oil, serum etc
  • Compose any hairstyling along volume
  • 100% guaranteed upshot
  • No side effects
  • Well trained hair expert team
  • Experienced nonsurgical hair bonding expert squad
  • Hale and hearty infrastructural center
  • Existing on both male as well as female
  • Cover up any grade of hair loss

Disadvantages of Hair Bonding:-

  • Require frequent follow-ups
  • Not Permanent solution to baldness
  • Used only branded shampoo, spa or hair accessories
  • Employed not normal brush only gap flat brush
  • Take more time for shampooing
  • Always conscious regarding their look
  • Not take cutting on barber salon
  • Visit every month hair bonding center
  • Take time to do services
  • Cost of maintenance every visit