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Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Noida

Non Surgical Hair Replacement in Noida- PHC Hair ClinicSome Hair Transplant clinic make jokes regarding non-surgical hair replacement treatment that is just like a wig/hair system/toupees/Silicon hair patches & hair transplant was a permanent solution to hair loss or baldness. But million dollar questions were that if hair transplant was so accurate & permanent nonrisky hair treatment. Why more than 50% of doctors itself bald as well as millionaires are partially bald. The fact was that every technique included surgical hair transplant along non-surgical hair replacement has own limitations as well as merits.

Non-surgical hair restoration was the best option for those Men as well as Women who are suffering from the latent stage of hair loss or any stage of baldness by Norwood hair loss parameter or those who do not want to go for surgery as well as want an instant result with stylish final result along desired density.

How Non Surgical hairs Replacement progress & how effective that was to cure hair loss?

Non Surgical Hair Replacement in NoidaIn Non-Surgical hair replacement course of action, we at first appraise precise region of baldness or thinning hairs then male or female patient select hair patch/hair system/toupees as their price range then our professional hair technicians trimmed out that accurate section of baldness put silicon soft hair bonding only on the edges of the head then affix the hair silicon hair system on cranium & bestow the hairstyle as per patient requirement along volume.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

It is also well thought-out as permanent non-surgical hair replacement services solution, however, that was to some extent correct & moderately incorrect. Permanent in the sense of you can do all normal activities with hair replacement system like shampooing, spa, smoothening, colouring, participate in sports activities even swimming etc without regularly put it out. But after 4 to 5 weeks whenever natural hairs grew near about half to one inch after a month Full Lace or Lace Front hair patch starts to loosen up & patient has to follow maintenance so not forever fix with the cranium. 


  • Non-surgical can step forward by Medical doctors & doctorate professional hair expert.
  • In the Nonsurgical course of action hair stylist, consultation & how experienced non-surgical hair replacement by which they can offer best services.
  • Always take multiple hair replacement systems by which whenever you go for service alternative silicon unit was ready
    Handy in any grade of hair loss
  • Pertinent in both Men’s & Women’s
  • Low Cost


  • Hairstylist plays the major role to create the totally natural appearance
  • Hair Silicon systems affix for 4 to 5 weeks
  • You can use normal shampoo, nonsticky hair oil etc
  • Totally safe & sound procedure
  • 100% hygienic
  • Instant result
  • Dreamed hairstyle achievable
  • Get any hair length along density

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement (Best centre) in Delhi NCR Noida Gurgaon Faridabad, India- We offer good Non-surgical Hair Replacement cost in South Delhi, Men’s & Women’s Non Surgical hair Replacement Systems at low price Center in New Delhi, India.

Hair Replacement Systems, Hair Patch, and Silicon extensions. …The recent explanation of a Non-Surgical hair replacement is “additional hair-stand system which is appended to natural one’s hair or cranium directly to put forward bursting scalp of hair.”

Non-surgical hair replacement

It is the best alternative hair loss way out male or female who is suffering from huge area hair loss.

We present custom-made non-surgical hair replacement systems to provide good flexible fitting of the skull, 100% natural end result and convene the diverse requirement of the hair loss sufferers.

We have a squad of qualified certified nonsurgical professionals which are capable of conveying the patient to accomplish trendy hairstyle, absolutely usual end result and we offer various well-liked non-surgical hair replacement services like Permanent attachment procedure which perform by silicon bonding, hair fixing (attachment procedure) & hair weaving.

In Temporary non-surgical hair replacement system can be accomplished through clip-on detachable method (Microwaving)   which can be set in or lay down when you wish.

Hair surgery may not be the appropriate first step for younger men losing their locks. PHC Provides Nonsurgical Hair Replacement for Men/Women in all over India as well as in Delhi/NCR. we understand that your Hair describes your Confidence and with our designed hair alternative solutions make sure this modification with ease and independence. Our highly-skilled professional employees and the team of well qualified and devoted thinning hair experts make sure the biggest level of personalized, personal, non-surgical hair recovery remedy for you. Our-surgical hair replacement systems are designed from finest quality “material” which can be custom cut and designed providing you a perfect invisible hairline. Our Hair Replacement program allows you to take advantage of the exclusive features of solidity, color, and design which can be printed to your unique design prior designing a designed program for you, our experienced employees at will first seek advice from you and help select a remedy that best suits your exclusive hair features as well as your lifestyle. All Treatment is on very affordable charges.